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Classic Manicure

A standard manicure treatment. Nails are trimmed and shaped, cuticles care, Moisturizing, hand massage with lotion.

Deluxe Manicure

Classic manicure care with an exfoliating organic sugar scrub, mask wrap with hot towels, deep massage with organic scented lotion!

Lavender Manicure

Completed with Deluxe Manicure, pampered with paraffin moist treatment.


Milk and Honey

(10 min scrub, 10 min lotion, 8 min hot stone)

Honey is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, acts as a humectant (pulls moisture out of the air), reduces inflammation, possesses incredible medical benefits, helps the skin to heal quickly, and contains many vitamins and minerals.

What about milk? It also sports an impressive resume when it comes to skincare. Not only is it nutritious, but it also contains lactic acid, a gentle, effective alpha-hydroxy acid that is very efficient in eliminating toxins from the skin. It also exfoliates the top layer of your skin, resulting in a soft and smooth feel and look, which translates into a marvelous, youthful glow.

When we look at both products, we can see why they work so well together!

1. Soak-in Milk Bath: Softens skin; enhances the glow.

2. Honey Sugar Scrub: Natural enzymes clean out pores and exfoliate dead skin.

3. Moist Milk Masque Wrap: Nourishes and softens the skin, prevents premature aging and shrinks pores for all-around radiant skin. Includes warm towels.

4. Extended Massage with Creamy Milk Lotion hot stone Relaxes muscles and mind; improves blood circulation.

5. Paraffin Aromatherapy Treatment: Softens skin, relaxes muscles, and increases blood flow through the heat

Orange Kiss

(10 min scrub, 10 min lotion, 8 min hot stone)

Being an excellent source of vitamin C, orange can do wonders for your skin. It helps in restoring collagen in your body which is responsible for skin firming and prevents premature aging of the skin. The topical application of orange on the skin removes dead cells and dirt as well as keeps the skin moisturized and toned. Calcium contributes to antioxidant production, thus reversing dry skin and providing the appearance of healthy, glowing skin.

1. Soak-in Orange Salt Bath: Brightens dull skin, refines pores and controls oiliness.

2. Fresh Orange Sugar Scrub: Achieve an instant glow to your skin and reduce dark spots and blemishes.

3. Orange Mask Wrap: Natural bleaching agent lightens dark blotches on skin and effectively removes them with time. Includes soothing warm towels.

4. Extended Massage with Orange Essential Oil and Volcanic Stones: Reduce suntans by deflecting harmful UV rays from attacking skin cells.

5. Paraffin Aromatherapy Treatment: Relaxes muscles, softens the skin, removes dead cells, and increases blood flow.


(10 mins scrub, 10 mins lotion)

If you want happy, healthy skin, then cucumber is the answer! Cucumber and the skin share the same level of hydrogen. Cucumber contains 95% of water which keeps the skin hydrated and well moisturized. Its seeds are rich in Vitamin E and potassium which help in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and other signs of aging.

1. Soak-in Mint Sea Salt Bath: Refreshes feet, cleans and firms skin.

2. Cucumber Salt Scrub: Refines and revitalizes the epidermis. Increases micro-circulation, exfoliates and deeply hydrates.

3. Moist Cucumber Masque: Can be left on to continuously nourish the skin.

4. Paraffin Aromatherapy Treatment: Softens the skin and removes dead cells. Even heat increases blood flow and releases the muscles.

5. Extended Massage with Minerals Cucumber Cream tightens skin and reduces wrinkles.

Honey pure

(10 scrubs, 12 mins lotion)

Lively & uplifting, the warm delicious scent of honey pure will soothe & awaken your mind, bringing a smile to your sole. Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, the gentle honey pearl sugar scrub will get your skin glowing. Before applying a warm paraffin wrap, a honey glaze will be painted onto your feet… A combination that is sure to seal in moisture. Blissful with massage!!


(10 scrubs, 10 mins lotion)

Lavender’s antiseptic and antifungal benefits help to reduce scarring and speed healing. Lavender also boosts the circulatory system, which helps increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

1. Soak-in Lavender Antimicrobial Salt Bath: Detoxifies and relieves tired, swollen, achy feet.

2. Lavender Sugar Scrub: Exfoliates for smooth and polished skin.

3. Lavender Moist Mask Wrap with warm towels: Repairs damaged skin, retains moisture, softens the skin and increases its elasticity.

4. Extended Massage with Lavender Essential Oil Relaxes you and moisturizes your skin from deep inside.

5. Paraffin Wax: Relaxes the mind and muscles; benefits overall wellness.


(10 mins scrub, 10 mins lotion)

Green Tea is used to reduce dryness in the skin. It is known for quickly penetrating the epidermis, and along with hydration, green tea can be used to prevent premature aging of the skin, fight free radical damage, and promote overall skin health.

1. Soak-in Mint Green Tea Sea Salt: An amino acid called Theanine found in green tea can provide a calming effect.

2. Green Tea Salt Scrub: Exfoliates, softens skin, reduces toxins, and revitalizes the epidermis. Increases micro-circulation.

3. Green Tea Mask: The most effective sun guard. The minerals in Green tea can also help tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

4. Paraffin Aromatherapy Treatment: Softens the skin and removes dead cells. Even heat increases blood flow and relaxes the muscles.

Extended Foot Massage with Organic Green Tea Cream Gives skin a youthful, smooth, appearance, while vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that prevents aging and heals damaged skin



Mist of Ocean Breeze with Peppermint

(8 mins scrub, 10 lotions)

Enriched with seaweed extract to help nourish, protect, and increase circulation makes Ocean Refresh vital to maintaining healthy skin. Peppermint gives the feet a cooling sensation, especially on those dry and hot days.

1. Bath Soak with Peppermint Sea Salt: Neutralizes acidic skin, removes odors, and enhances blood circulation.

2. Sea Salt Scrub: Exfoliates and softens callouses, alieves tired feet.

3. Seaweed Masque Wrap: Sodium gently removes dirt, absorbs moisture, and softens skin with warm, soothing towels.

4. Extended Massage with Essential Peppermint Oil Relieves stress and relaxes the muscles.

5. Paraffin Wax: Relaxes the mind and muscles; benefits overall wellness.


(5 scrubs, 9 mins lotion)

Coffee minimizes the appearance of cellulite and exfoliates dry skin. It can also perk up your skin. The caffeine in coffee has a number of benefits for your skin, from perking it up to treating redness and inflammation. By incorporating caffeine into your skincare routine, you can reveal evenly toned, smooth skin.

1. Soak-in Milk Antimicrobial Salt Bath: Detoxifies and relieves tired, swollen, achy feet.

2. Coffee Sugar Scrub: Exfoliates for smooth and polished skin. Includes callous and cuticle removal.

3. Coffee-Cappuccino Moist Masque Wrap: Moisturizes and softens skin with warm towels.

4. Extended Massage with Creamy Lotion Improves blood circulation.


(4 mins scrub, 7 mins lotion)

Submerge your tired feet into the basin of warm water. Nails trimming and shaped, cuticles care, callus removal. provide relaxing massage using sea salt scrub foot massage with massage cream and hot towels. Complete with the polish of your choice.


( 8 mins lotion)

When time is of the essence, we can help you relax and relieve stress by bathing your feet in our peppermint whirlpool bath of warm water, including special cuticle care and heel-therapy treatment. Soothing massage relieves stress and increases circulation, preparing skin for your long-lasting polish finish.

Add-On Services

French tips
Nails Art
Paraffin wax
Volcanic stones


Polish Change Gel (Hand)
Polish Change Gel (Feet)
Polish Change (Hand)
Polish Change (Feet)
Nails Art
French tip
Nail Repair
Cat Eyes
Nail Removal
Nail Shape

(Coffin, almond, stiletto)

Extra + up for long nail


(Under 12 years old)
Celebrate life's sweetest moments at LV nail lounge

- Start with a bubble gum soak

- Soft File Down

- Foot & Leg Massage

- Sweet Nail Polish

Nail Polish
Toe Polish


Solar Pink & White Full Set
Solar Pink & White Refill
Solar Full Set
Refill with Shellac
Glitter Powder Set
Glitter Refill
Color Solar Refill

(with a different color)

White/ Pearl Tip Set
Shellac Manicure
Shellac Polish Only
Dip Overlay
Dip with Tips
Dip with French
Dip Ombre


Upper Lips
Whole Face
Full Arms
Lower Arms
Full Legs
Lower Legs
Bikini (hard wax)
Brazilian (hard wax)


We use all-natural human hair for lightweight lashes and a natural look. Lasts at least 2 months with recommended refills every 2-3 weeks.
Fare Full Set
Flare Refill
Individual Full Set
Individual Refill


Eyebrow Tinting


Wine: Red/ White/ Blush





Coconut rum, Pineapple juice, Mango, Watermelon pocket


Champagne, Orange juice


Vodka, Cranberry

Screw Driver

Vodka, Bloody juice

Bloody Mary

Vodka, Bloody Mary

Pina Colada

Rum, Coconut, Pineapple juice

Irish Coffee 

Jameson Whiskey, Coffee Oreo

Tequila Sunrise

Tequilla, Orange juice, Grenadine

Captain & Loco

Rum, Loco Nut

Sex on the beach

Vodka, Cranberry juice, Orange juice, Peach, Schnapps


Vodka, Cranberry juice, Orange juice

Classic Daiquiri

Rum, Lime juice, Simple syrup

Espresso Martini

Vodka, Coffee liqueur, Coffee



Kahlua, Vodka, Cream

Blue Hawaii

Vodka, Blue Curacao, Rum, Pineapple juice

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Kahlua, Chocolate

Creamsicle Float

Kahlua, Chocolate


Coffee, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Water


Please have your ID ready for alcoholic beverages. 

Limit 2 drinks per customer. We are not responsible for your personal belonging. Please keep them with you.


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